2 Day Gold Tour Windeyer NSW 10-11th SEPTEMBER 2022

2 Day Gold Tour Windeyer NSW 10-11th SEPTEMBER 2022

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2 Days Hunting Gold on Private Property in the Windeyer Area NSW. 10-11th SEPTEMBER

This is a Gold hunting tour so out priority is getting you on the gold. It doesn't always happen but we try damn hard to get you on the colour.

The ground is pretty easy to walk in most cases and you won't be required to walk too far from the car as we park right on the gold for the day(s).

We have created a document that you can download and print off to make sure you have everything covered. You can view and download it HERE

A Usual Day on Tour:

 We meet at the starting point at 7.30am, you can bring your own vehicle as most will make it, weather dependant. If we need to we will organise some car pooling to get everyone to the location(s).

You'll need to bring some lunch and snacks, we carry some basics, but make sure you have something you can eat and drink on the day. 

We head over to the area and detect for most of the day, usually pulling up stumps around 3.30-4pm. It just depends on the group and what everyone wants to do. Some leave earlier, others max it out.

Over the day we will try and help if you need it, Including some training on your gear and we might even dig a few holes for you. 

We try and make you a better detectorist and give advice along those lines. We hope you leave the tour a lot more confident in your gear and in yourself.

Back to the rally point in the afternoon, where they just happen to sell cold beer and Hot food, so quite often we will be trying at least one of those things.


Detector Hire is available, we have limited SDC 2300 Pulse Induction Machines, GPX 6000 and GPZ 7000.
Book early to make sure your machine is available and these often go quite quickly.

If you'd like detector hire then please select the correct machine etc when booking.