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Aussie Detectorist Gold Tours and Training

Pulse Induction Boot Camp March 23 2024

Pulse Induction Boot Camp March 23 2024

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Pulse Induction Boot Camp, Bring your machine and lets get you in the game!

Starting to wonder if buying that high end pulse induction machine was a mistake?

Haven't found any gold yet?

Then Pulse Induction Boot Camp by Aussie Detectorist is for you!

Held at Sofala Showgrounds, Just out of Bathurst NSW

You have invested in a pulse induction Gold detector, but driving them can be a strain. Well lets get you up and running and equipped with the Mental confidence to use your machine to its full capabilities.

How this is gonna Go.

We start off by getting into some of the machines settings and what they actually do. Things like GAIN, Stability Control, Audio smoothing and way more. Its a classroom theory session for want of a better term.

If none of these terms mean ANYTHING to you, then you need to come along, your probably struggling quite badly.

After we Chat about the settings and your questions are answered we move on to some practical demonstrations on targets we have set up.

Does Iron and Gold SOUND different on a Pulse induction machine? You'll find out.

Does lead and gold sound different on a Pulse Machine? You'll Find out.

What targets would I Dig and what should I be leaving behind? 
You'll Know by Lunch time.

In the Afternoon, we stroll over the hill and hit the gold in a practical session with your machines. 

You will be screamed at about your coil height, swing speed and level of equipment you carry around. We trim you up, refine your technique, show you some ways to reduce fatigue and make sure your ready for a whole day detecting.
Bet your harness is set wrong! 8 out of 10 are.

You Will be walked up and down the hill digging holes and putting some of your new found knowledge to the test. 

Its a big test session where you start to develop your style, your OWN settings and begin to get very comfortable physically and mentally with your machine.

At the end of the Day you and your Pulse induction weapon of choice will be Best Mates. 

See You at Boot Camp


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