Collection: Metal Detecting and Prospecting Events

Come and Join us at an Organised Event and have some  fun with a group of people that share your passion for metal detecting and prospecting.

Our Events are varied and differ from our other tour and training offerings.

Events are primarily meant to be FUN and sometimes we throw in the element of competition just to see who is mastering their gear.

Just like the Metal Detecting World Championship that we have now held 3 times. (2019, 2022 and 2023) Incidentally won by The same person, Mr Trevor Emerson, 3 Time Metal Detecting Champion of the WORLD. (use your boxing announcers voice, LOL)

See just saying it is Fun and if you don't win anything you'll have a great experience and a bunch of stories to tell.

NOT all events involve competition and some are just an excuse to hang out with like minded people and swap stories, learn a bit and maybe make some new friends and detecting buddies.

Our Annual Beach Day in Newcastle NSW is well attended and usually themed. Its around the second or third week of January Every Year.

Dress up and come along for some fun on the beach with buried targets and prizes.

Again you may not win anything but you will have a great time and who doesn't love an excuse to get dressed up as something.

Look out for our events, we have some crazy and weird stuff planned and our events are not what you think they are.

See you at Event Near you, all events are Professionally Run, Ticketed and your are Insured while you attend.


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