Collection: The Aussie GOLD Prospecting Experience, Equipment Supplied

GOLD, They often say that Australia was built on the sheep's back. Well before the sheep came the Gold Miners and they changed Australia forever.

In your travels you have probably passed by a gold town or 2. In fact you probably passed by a few of them and didn't even know that they existed.

GOLD Is not Just in One state or one region of Australia. The Entire country has gold deposits all around it and you would be surprised just how widespread gold actually is in Australia.

Below is an Image of NSW, Every single one of those yellow triangles was or is a Goldmine. Each of those Triangles has a history, a story and in many cases some gold still left over.

NSW Gold Mines

Did you know that NSW had that many gold mines? If you zoomed in on the software I got this from, then you will see there are literally thousands More.
(Notice in The image how many triangles are stacked atop one another.)

You may even Live a lot closer to gold bearing ground than you think. In some cases we have met people that actually LIVE on gold bearing ground. They just aren't sure if it is there or not. There are stories..... If you know what I mean.

NOT every piece of gold bearing ground has a Yellow triangle on a map, its what's in between those yellow triangles that is truly surprising.

One more map then onto the Aussie Detectorist GOLD Experience Days.

The reason I am showing you this map is simply to show you how many opportunities there is to have a crack at the gold in your travels. Its NOT everywhere, But as you'll see below it is quite widespread as I mentioned earlier.

gold locations australia

So there are Plenty of places that have gold in or near them in this fantastic country and that's where the Aussie detectorist Gold Experience comes in.

Over the Last 8 Years I have travelled about 250,000 km, Destroyed 2 vehicles and a trailer. All to promote Metal Detecting, Prospecting, Fossicking and the joy of finding GOLD, Coins, Relics and treasures of the past in the ground. 

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing someone dig up their first piece of gold or the look on the faces, as the colours appear in the gold pan.

Over that Time I have met THOUSANDS of people and this Question has come up a lot at the Caravan-Camping shows and other Events I have attended.

This could be you too.

"I am Interested in Looking further into this metal Detecting, prospecting, fossicking thing but I have NO idea where to even start"

Metal Detectors can cost from$100 to beyond $10,000. Its a daunting prospect, especially when your not even sure if you'll like it or not.

Here is what happens with LOADS of people I talk too.

  1. They aren't sure they want to commit to the hobby, so they buy some VERY cheap gear that is NOT suitable for their needs from eBay or similar.
  2. The gear FAILS and the user gets dejected about the hobby.
  3. They put the detector in the Garage and move it out of the way once a week for the next 10 years before having a garage sale and selling it for $5

  1. If they are lucky, they bump into someone like me, that sets the record straight and allows them to properly test the waters with some quality gear.
  2. That Person then knows for sure, If they want to do this metal detecting, gold panning, treasure thing or was it just something they wanted to try.
  3. They leave having had a great experience and If they do want to continue, they can, with the best advice on the best gear for their needs and budget.

The Aussie Detectorist GOLD EXPERIENCE is about letting you test the waters of the Metal Detecting, Prospecting, Gold Fossicking thing.

It allows you to try many different types of prospecting and metal detecting equipment and to answer the question.......


You will be able to use Metal Detectors, from the entry level gold and treasure machines, right up to the top of the range $10,000+ Metal detectors.

You will get to use a gold pan if you wish, a sluice run or even a rocker box. You may even learn what those things are! LOL
Hint: a rocker box is NOT for getting babies to sleep. Well not while in use down the creek anyway, in camp, well........

You will get the opportunity to try as many or as few different types of prospecting to see if you can find your groove in the hobby.

The Aussie Gold Experience
IMAGE: These 4 Chose to team up and run a rocker box for a few hours, strangers in the morning, Mining Team by Lunch time. The Aussie Gold Experience.

Its a great way to test the waters, have a great experience and to learn more about the hobbies of metal Detecting, Prospecting and fossicking. Yes, each one is different and we will teach you why on the experience days.

Here is how a Typical GOLD Experience day will work.

  1. You meet at the designated area and have a quick check-in, Meet-up and tool box talk session. Safety First of course.
  2. You make your way to the location that we will be using for the day. Most locations can be accessed by 2 wheel drive vehicles. If not we can ferry you in our 4x4 vehicles.
  3. You Take a look at all the gear that is available and you choose which of the those you would like to try out.
  4. After some basic tuition you head off and try out the equipment. (Usually 1 Hour session so we can spread it around)
  5. You then come back and ask any questions you have and try the next bit of gear.
  6. Rinse and repeat throughout the experience.

Here is what we won't tell you.

  • It will probably be COLD and I Mean COLD on winter Experiences.
  • It will probably be HOT and I mean HOT on summer Experiences.
  • Some Hills were gold is found are STEEP and I mean STEEP.
  • Sometimes the big bits are DEEP and I mean DEEP.

    It's NOT that Bad LOL

  • Some places gold is found are so flat we could play cricket on them.
  • It can be hard work, but we have ground that caters to most people an in some cases we will help you dig the hole.

OK I like to be upfront, I hope that's OK its not all gold nuggets and champagne lunches out there is what I am saying.

The idea is that after a 1 or 2 day experience if you're really keen, You will Know if the Hobby you have been thinking about is for you or not.

Many people leave the Experience with exactly that, an EXPERIENCE they haven't had before. Its Fun at a Minimum and you will definitely have a laugh or 2 and take home a story to tell and possibly even a little gold to show for your efforts.

For a few, you will leave with a new found Knowledge, excitement and travel plans for the future chasing the Golden Dream.

You don't just get an experience for a day or a weekend, you get an EXPERIENCE FOR LIFE! Not to mention another tick on the bucket list.

Book your gold experience tour Today online or call our Hotline during business hours for any questions you may have.

I look forward to seeing you and introducing you to the wonderful world of GOLD Prospecting and treasure hunting in Australia.

I wonder if you'll find gold or not?
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Justin Cleghorn

Head Detectorist
Gold Experience Tours
An Aussie Detectorist Business.

ALL Of our guides are highly skilled at what at they do. They also have a personality and a great sense of humour. We have searched for the best guides in the industry as they provide the BEST experience that is specifically tailored to make sure you enjoy yourself.
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