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About Us

Welcome to Aussie Detectorist Gold Tours and Training days.

Aussie Detectorist Tours was created for a few reasons.

  1. The need to supply quality tours and training to the Customers of the Aussie detectorist store in Mayfield West Newcastle N.S.W. and also the online customers of
  2. International Travel is off the cards for a while so many people are looking for something different to do. Fossicking for gold in the Australian outback is a great way to spend a weekend or even a week and many people are now using fossicking as the main reason to travel domestically. After all it can take you right around the country!

Covid-19 changed the rules, permanently, in a lot of cases and it was hard to start a tour business from the ground up.

So it was with great excitement that Aussie Detectorist tours was able to take over the excellent work done by the GOLD EXTRACTORS company over many years. Aussie Detectorist Tours officially took over the business on the 15th April 2021 and we hope to continue the excellent experience provided to many by Kim and Lincoln.

We wish them every success and I'm sure we can organise a celebrity appearance a couple of times a year on some of the tours.

So what do you get with an Aussie Detectorist Tour or Training Day?

Lets Start by saying that Training and tours are very different. Tours are bout socialising with Like minded people, hunting gold on private property and enjoying the time spent prospecting. The tours are relaxed, no pressure, enjoyable days that you do at your own pace.

Training Days are exactly that and we spend a lot of time talking about Detecting techniques, looking at ground and walking in groups up and down hills. We share machines and analysing signals and try different things. Its Nerd level Stuff.

Yes there is some cross over but Tours are tours and training days are training days. So Make sure you book what suits you best.

Any questions or discuss what suits you best then give us a call at the shop.
0467 614 701 During Business Hours and till 2pm Saturday.

Ok Back to what to expect:

On Tour:

We will do our best to provide a fun and lighthearted experience in the Gold fields. You will hear some stories, Mostly true, Get a chance to ask some questions about your detecting gear and of course have a detect on some pretty productive land.

We never Guarantee Gold, But we do Guarantee you will have a pleasant experience and hopefully walk away with some colour and a few good stories to tell at your next campsite.

New friendships are quite often born on tour and many people have teamed up Post tour for a trip and a Fossick on one of the many goldfields in Australia. Fossicking for gold can be a solitary hobby and we hope to promote the fellowship of the dig and its great to see people come together with a common interest.

So bring a great attitude, be open to learning a bit and maybe teaching a bit too and your tour should be a great experience.

We Book good weather every tour date but sometimes the booking doesn't stick. If we have very bad weather we will deal with it as it arises and as is required.

At Training Days:

Training days are a little different. We spend sometime looking at the Laptop and running through some information in a classroom like situation. Well if you call a classroom the back of the Pub or standing around a ute in the bush.

We try and help you learn more about your gear, the ground you prospect on and how to research new areas and give yourself the best chance of making some finds.

At times we get special guests in to talk about things like geology, Gold history and have specialist training sessions on specific models of detectors.

Training days are about getting the information flowing and all attendees learning not only from the instructors, but also from each other.

There's not a lot of actual Individual detecting done on a training day. Most of what we do is done in groups, again to encourage information sharing.

Well I hope that helps explain what we do here at Aussie detectorist tours.

If you have any questions, prefer to book over the phone or would just like a chat about equipment and accessories then give us a call.

0467 614 701

The shop is located at

1/11 Riverside Drive
Mayfield West, Newcastle N.S.W 2304
Just search Aussie Detectorist in Google Maps for accurate directions.

Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you on tour or at a training day.

Kind Regards

Justin Cleghorn
Aussie Detectorist Tours