What you will Need

Gold tours with Aussie detectoristAussie Detectorist Gold tours.
Welcome to the tour!


Below we have made a simple list of items you may wish to consider adding to the pile of stuff already heading for the vehicle.

There are 2 sections, one is the must have items and the second one is a suggestion for a few things you may not consider or as a reminder.

Number 1 Rookie error that is made on tour is to show up covered in metal. Please remember that rings on your fingers, watches and the infamous steel cap boot will all result in setting off your machine. So come along as metal Free as possible. Hands and feet clear of metal as a general rule. DO NOT REMOVE any replacement Knees, hips, ankles etc you may need them to walk.

Must Have Items:

    • Your Metal Detector and if you don’t have one make sure there is one reserved from the hire machines. No detector will make metal detecting hard, so don’t forget this very important item.
      (For the gold experience we will have them for you)
    • Harness, Bungee strap, spare batteries, Charger cables and coils. These are the most forgotten items so check they are on board.
      (For the gold experience we will have them for you)
    • Your Pick, digging holes will again be a lot easier if you have a pick. We have a few spares but they are mostly taken with the hire machines, so don’t forget the pick!
      (For the gold experience we will have them for you)
    • Have you taken your rings off your hands and left the steel cap boots at home? Awesome!
    • Water, Snacks and a bite of Lunch. Make sure you bring some fuel for the body, you will be walking and hopefully digging so you’ll need to keep the energy up.
    • Snake Gaiters, If you have them, bring them. If you don’t let us know so we can make sure there is a pair available.
    • Hat and sunscreen. Although it is cold sometimes, being sunsmart is still important.
    • LONG Pants are a Must for Metal detecting, it will save your knees and keep seeds out of your socks.
      (Gold experience is much more forgiving and shorts will suffice, Check the weather)
    • A Positive attitude and be ready to learn some stuff and maybe even teach some stuff. A Good open and positive mindset will allow you to get the most from the tour or training day.
  • Is your accommodation Booked? Call Bushlands Caravan Park  (02) 6373 8252 for Windeyer Tours
  • There are many Options in The Hill End, Sofala, WattleFlat area.

  • Optional Items:

    • A chair to take a break.
    • A thermos of Coffee, tea or soup if it is looking cold. It can be a game changer!
    • Some gloves, both for warmth and to protect your hands.
    • Beanie and/or neck warmer, especially if it’s windy. 
    • A nice piece of home cooked cake or slice for the tour operator. Also acceptable are Muffins, Cupcakes and Scones. :) 

    Any questions call 0467 614 701

    See you there!

    Aussie Detectorist Tour Team

    You can Download this List by Clicking Right Here.