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The Aussie Detectorist WETWORK GOLD TOUR is focused on giving you the opportunity to test the waters prospecting for Gold using water techniques.

But if you know what your doing, we will just point you in the direction of the gold and your free to process material for the time you're there.

The WETWORK GOLD TOUR is held on private land and run by experienced guides. 

It all starts and then Ends in the Humble Gold Pan, Fortunes have been made and sometimes even lost using this tried and tested Gold recovery method. Our Guides will show you the best techniques using modern Gold pans, So after the tour you will be equiped with the knowledge you need to get on the gold yourself.

The WETWORK GOLD TOUR allows you to try a variety of prospecting equipment including panning for gold, running a sluice and feeding a rocker box.

You will receive 1:1 tuition throughout the tour.

The WETWORK GOLD TOUR is a great way to test the waters, have a great day out and to learn more about Prospecting for Gold in Australian Waterways.

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